Our Story

I started ENSO because I witnessed first-hand the knowledge-gap between business practices and sustainability best practices, and I decided that I wanted to fix this.

Donal Quinn

It is our mission to help businesses connect with customers in new ways through their sustainability story.

The global consumer is rapidly shifting their preference away from traditional brands to more sustainable and viable alternatives. With larger companies slower to respond, this is a real opportunity for purpose-driven brands and businesses to connect with these new customers.

ENSO is a global sustainability platform for purpose-driven businesses that want to address their sustainability and implement initiatives that will benefit their business, the environment and the community.

I’ve worked on a wide range of sustainability initiatives with social enterprises and non-profit organisations across a variety of sectors, and I’ve seen first-hand the dramatic impacts that can happen when businesses truly get on board with sustainability.

Why should sustainability be just for the larger organisations that can afford specialist teams and consultants?

Why not support smaller but equally purpose-driven businesses to address the challenges that are facing all of us today?

That’s when I decided to make it my mission to help businesses get sustainability right.

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Here at ENSO Initiatives we love to get feedback. Let us know what initiatives and features you would like to see on the platform as we continue to develop this resource for SMEs.

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