WeForest – Brazil

Initiative Overview

Each WeForest project makes earth cooler and empowers communities. In Brazil, WeForest is restoring habitat connectivity with forest corridors. The project aims to combat the loss of forest cover and conserve this biodiversity hotspot. Biodiversity in the Atlantic Forest is under increasing threat from widespread deforestation. 

Today, a mere 7% of the forest still stands. Despite its diminished size it retains a large share of the world’s species. The Atlantic Forest is recognised as a global conservation priority.

Key Facts & Figures

  • Project Location: Pontal do Paranapanema, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
  • Threats: Logging & agricultural expansion
  • Forest Cover Loss: 93% of Atlantic Forest deforested
  • Threatened Animals: Black lion tamarin, Tapir, White tipped peccary

How does my donation help?

All donations to this initiative will go towards supporting women-run community-based nurseries in the collection of seeds and care of seedlings and employing members of the Landless Workers Movement to carry out the planting activities.

When you support a WeForest project, you are not just planting trees, but growing communities and helping to sustain and replenish precious wildlife habitats.


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  • €100 donation will grow over 50 trees
  • Once you have donated, don't forget to downlaod and share the ENSO Initiatives 'We are playing our part' badge to inspire other businesses to get involved too

This initiative aligns with the following SDGs

Organisation Details

Charity Number: ASBL/VZW 0826.151.968 Established: 2009 Website Link