Dublin 8 Refugee Community Sponsorship

Initiative Overview

Through community sponsorship, refugees who are fleeing conflict and persecution are brought to a safe and secure country like Ireland, where they are fully supported by the local community.

Dublin 8 Refugee Community Sponsorship (D8RCS) is set up under the ‘Community Sponsorship Programme Ireland’, itself an initiative of the Department of Justice and Equality. The group aims to celebrate and enhance our cultural diversity by welcoming a refugee family who is seeking safety to join us so that we can grow and prosper together in Dublin 8. D8RCS is an expression of hospitality within our community. 

D8RCS is a community fundraising group which is supported by the Irish Refugee Council. The Refugee Council provide guidance and training to D8RCS.

Key Facts & Figures

  • €10,000 raised of €30,000
  • D8RCS providing support for 2 years
  • Housing, Education, Healthcare and Food included in supports

How does my donation help?

  • As part of the programme with Government D8RCS will look after the family for 24 months after their arrival.
  • Housing – rent subsidy for the first 24 months. The family will be set up with a PPS number & registered on the Dublin city Council HAP scheme through our partners Sophia Housing. The funds raised will go towards covering any rental top required.
  • Cover household utility bills (electricity, gas, phone, tv, bins etc).
  • Food – for household shopping to cover all family shopping needs.
  • Supports such as translators, speech & language therapy, healthcare etc.


Donate directly to Dublin 8 Refugee Community Sponsorship by clicking 'Donate' below. 

All funds will go directly towards supporting the the new family which the communuty is welcoming in.



This initiative aligns with the following SDGs

Organisation Details

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